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What Is Commission Cartel?

I'm making $1442.29 in commissions a day (I calculated this over the past 12 months).

I've documented the entire process and people who follow it will make a minimum of $500 in the next 30 days.

This is BRAND NEW content, tactics and training which I have never shared anywhere else before.

Even brand new newbies can do this - even if they don't have a list, a website or any any experience.

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Upto $83.95 Commissions per Customer!

dossierThe Front-End is the $9.95 Commission Cartel Dossier, Video, Audio, Blueprint, DFY Promos and Additional "Insider Training"

This collection of breakthrough trainings gives people everything they need to know to crank out $500 in the next 30 days.

godfather-packThe first upsell is "The Godfather Package" ($27). This gives buyers a series of never before released, done-for-you commission-creating campaigns they just swipe and deploy. Each campaign includes all the promotional materials, a special discount coupon code they can pass to their buyers and a special bonus they can use to incentivize people to buy through their link. They also get direct access to me through a closed-doors VIP Group and 30 days screenshot consultancy with me personally.

The second upsell ($47) is "The Secret Weapons Package"
 which gives buyers a weapons-packpowerful collection of my best-converting, biggest money-making promo templates they can just swipe, deploy and profit from right away. They also get the "How To Turn Emails into Money Program", "Anatomy of a $500,000 Campaign" and "Secret Psychological Sales Triggers Which Make People Buy".

STEP #5. Win Cash / Prizes (You Choose!)

1st Place Prize:
Pistol BBQ Grill ($10000)

Become the instant mafioso celebrity in your neighborhood with this ginormous pistol which doubles as a BBQ.

Cook up a storm of sausages and meat feasts on this bad boy (but beware of fainting in case it reminds you of your childhood "meat shop" days watching your father doing butchering things - shameless Sopranos reference there).

Either way - either impress or just shoot your neighbors with this thing. And yes - you're right - the video doesnt match the image, this thing is a one-off and like all the other prizes is for entertainment only. Take the cash because I ain't shipping this bad boy!

Cash Value: $10000


2nd Place Prize: The World's Smallest Working Handgun ($5000)

Nothing says "gangster" more than a tiny, full-working pistol made in Switzerland which fires real bullets and makes you look like a giant.

You could probably get this thing thru airport security but don't get your hopes up - it packs less punch than most catapults out there.

But hey - it's a talking point when your henchmen next come over...

(and yes - because it's a firearm I won't actually be able to send you this thing, you'll be getting the moolah...)

Cash Value: $5000


3rd Place: Triple-Barrelled Shotgun ($2000)

Don't you just hate it when you're trying to whack a fellow mobster and you run out of shells after the first two shots?

Well worry no longer wiseguy...

Because now you can fire off three loving loads of lead into your enemy of choice with this Turkish-made triple-barrelled masterpiece.

Things don't get much more persuasive than this, capisce?

Cash Value: $2000


4th Place: DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun ($1000)

Has one of your Capos stepped out of line?

Teach them a thing or two with this double-barrelled, pump-action shotgun which looks as mean as hell and packs a head-cleaving punch to boot.


"Say hello to you MASSIVE friend..."

Cash Value: $1000


5th Place Prize: Gun Concealment Furniture ($750)

Oh crap - the FBI are paying you a visit?

They want to have a "sit down" in your living room and talk about your income statements...

Don't panic.

With this sleek (and frankly sinister) piece of furniture you can turn things from nice to nasty in a heartbeat.

Also works well for dispatching sloppy crew members or mother-in-laws...

Cash Value: $750


6th Place Prize: Matching AK-47 Bedside Lamps ($500)

How romantic?

His and hers AK-47 bedside lamps.

Perfect to create the chilled out, loving atmosphere in your bedroom.

And while they don't actually fire as weapons you can wield them as a sizeable blunt object should a rival Don pay you a visit in the night.

Bada-boom, bada bing...

You know ahmsayin?

Cash Value: $500

7th Place Prize: "BANG!" Gun Lamp ($350)

For a busy gangster like yourself it's not easy to switch off from shooting and killing people.

So don't.

Even at nighttime you can shoot your way to a peaceful sleep with this handy lamp.

Just shoot it to turn it off and - yep, you've guessed it - shoot it to turn it on.


Who gets paid to invent this shit?

Cash Value: $350


8th Place Prize: AK-47 Money Clip ($250)

Have you got money on your mind and your mind on your money?

Good. It's a nice work ethic to have. Respect.

And what better way to show your love of the green stuff (and violence) by using this stylish and threatening AK-47 money clip.

Sure to impress and intimidate in equal measure - a great stocking filler.

Cash Value: $250


9th Place Prize:
Duffel Bag with $500,000 Inside It (Fake, Obviously) ($175)

Hardly a day goes by round these parts where I don't find myself in need of a duffel bag with $500,000 in cash inside it.

But they're notoriously hard to come by.

Until now - because you're getting a FAKE half mil stuffed into a duffel bag to either carry off some mafia heist, do a sly switcheroo on a dealer or just give your least favorite family member a heart attack.

Happy days.

Cash Value: $175


10th Place Prize:
Flashbang Bra Holster ($100)

Is this just a cheap excuse to put up a picture of tits on my JV page?

Frankly, yes.

But it's kinda mafia-themed.

Stick this bad boy in your man cleavage and you'll never be caught short again in a shootout.

Just make sure you don't whip out your bra in the heat of the moment by mistake.

Could get awkward...

Cash Value: $100


STEP #6. Who Will Win The $10000 Top Prize?

Ping Me If You Need Anything

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